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Wholesale discounts 10+ sheets


With a very small layout you can set up business selling blotter art. With profits as high as 500% it might even become your full time job. It is never too late to start up. If you can sell 100 sheets a day at a festival, you are going to be doing very well and will be making around £1000 day. Stalls for selling artwork at festivals are a lot cheaper to hire than stalls selling food.  

Blotter art is ideal for selling at festivals, head shop, markets, online etc. It is legal artwork.

You can buy any designs that I have priced up to £15 each in bulk or wholesale, stock permitting. You can mix and match or have multiple sheets of the same design.  Whatever designs you choose to buy, they should sell well for you, and you will never feel stuck with a pile of designs you cannot sell. If you feel stuck with a particular design and find it is not selling as well as the other ones, you can return it and swap it for another design free of charge. I want you to sell and make money from blotter art,it is in my own interest.

10 sheets - £50

50 sheets - £200

100 sheets - £350

500 sheets - £1200

1000 sheets - £2000

If you buy wholesale please do not sell online for less then the going rate £12 - $15, or I will have to stop selling to you.  

Everything I post is sent in plain packaging as "Art Prints" with only my name and address on the outside, no mention of blotter art.  Everything is sent as a gift with no value, so there should be no import tax to pay.  

I guarantee delivery of all parcels sent with a tracking number. If they do not show up after 28 days, I repost the order free of charge.  Nothing goes missing, it always comes back to me if there is a problem.