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Custom Made Blotter Art

Have your artwork made into a unique high quality blotter art design.  Using 250gsm chlorine free paper with vegetable inks, printed on a Heidelberg offset lithograph printing press .

Minimum order is 100 sheets of one design. Sheets can be made with 1/4". 3/8". 8mm or 1cm size squares, with or without borders.  Free help resizing or tiling your design so everything lines up perfect with the small square perforations.

Prices below are for standard 7.5" Square sheets or 20cm x 16cm Oblong sheets.

100 sheets for £300

250 sheets for £500

500 sheets = £1000

1000 sheets for £1600

2500 sheets for £3000

Please email admin@blotterart.com to discuss your requirements further.