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About Blotter Art Limited

I started my first BlotterArt website in 2000 after I had been collecting and selling Mark McCloud's Blotter Art designs on Ebay for about a year.  I tried to get the domain name BlotterArt.com for my website address but I was just beaten to it,  I settled for BlotterArt.co.uk for my first website as I lived in England.  When Blotterart.com started producing new designs in late 2000 I was offered exclusivity to most of them to sell on Ebay and my website. This was the begining of "Vanity" blotter art on a commercial scale.

In 1994 psychedelic author Thom Lyttle had the great idea to have some sheets of vanity  Blotter Art made, which he got signed by the psychedelic pioneers, including Albert Hofmann, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, Alexander Shulgin etc.  The internet was still taking off at this time and Thom had no webpage or outlet to sell his signed sheets.  Shortly after meeting Thom online in 2001, I arranged to go to his home in Miami where I purchased much of Thom's Lyttle's signed Blotter Art collection from him. The remainder was bought by Adam Stanhope the following year.  Thom and I became good friends over the following years, with Thom coming to London to stay at mine for a couple of weeks. Thom also wrote many books and magazine articles which helped to promote blotter art in it's early days. Sadly Thom Lyttle passed away in 2008, but the articles he wrote documenting the early Blotter Art scene which can still be found on the internet. 

Throughout the 2000's the Blotter Art scene had several new people come along selling and making blotter art, but none of the sheets produced had the same old skool look or feel as the designs being made by blotterart.com. These quality made sheets stood out from the rest because they were made properly with vegetable inks and printed offset ltiho, which gave the sheets a nice matt looking finish, something not achieved when printing cheaply with digital ink toners. The perforations on these sheets looked great on both sides, they were all even perfed and they neatly lined up and in the right places, they were faultless. 

In 2010 just as the blotter art scene started to really take off, I took over Blotterart.com, to carry on producing high quality Blotter Art, the same way it had been made since the early 1970's and by Mark McCloud wth vegetable inks. Since then I have been producing tens of thousands of new sheets for the company and for private customers. If you want your design made into high quality blotter art please contact me for more details admin@blotterart.com

Since the early days, Blotter Art Limited has been offering the largest selection of Blotter Art in the world!  This Blotter Art website and now has over 50,000+ sheets of blotter art in stock that cover over 300 different designs.  Also on offer are the remainder of Thom Lyttle's signed Blotter Art prints from the 1990's. Some of these sheets I managed to buy  off  Adam Stanhope shortly before he passed away in 2013.  There is also some more recently signed sheets by the artists and some people connected with LSD including Country Joe and Wavy Gravy from the Woodstock festival, Howard Marks (Mr Nice), Fatboy Slim, Eddie Padilla, MIke Hynsen from Brotherhood of Eternal Love etc  with more people signing Blotter Art all the time.

My collection is continuously growing so please visit this site often for the latest additions to my offerings. Still available are some rare Vintage sheets of Blotter Art from Mark McCloud's collection. If you have an old blotter art collection which you want to sell or trade, please email me admin@blotterart.com  for top prices. You will be surprised how much some of those old $10-20 sheets are worth now.

Over the years Blotter Art LImited has donated signed and unsigned sheets of Blotter Art which have helped to raise over $50,000 for charities and individuals in need.  Please support MAPS and Erowid if you can.

Blotter Art Limited is a UK tax registered company started by myself in 2007. Company no: 6278681

This website is dedicated to Thom Lyttle and Adam Stanhope RIP.  Both contributed much to the early "vanity" Blotter Art scene,  both were taken from us too soon.