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Rare/Vintage/Signed Blotter Art

Rare and vintage sheets from around the world.  many sheets have been signed since the mid 1990's by famous people including  Albert Hofmann, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, Alexander Shulgin, Howard Marks, Peter Fonda, Robert Anton Wilson, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), Laura Huxley, Fatboy Slim, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, John Lily, Annie Sprinkle, Eddie Padilla, Country Joe, Wavy Gravy and many many more.

Most of the rare sheets I sell are from my own collection and have been with me since the early 2000's.  Anything I buy has come from reliable sources or well known blotter art collectors.   Luckily there has been very few known forgeries on blotter art as the original sheets they signed are now quite rare to find.  Albert Hofmann's signature on Red Bike RIde is fake, and a few dodgy looking Leary signatures are floating about. 

Most of the vintage signed blotter art has been well documented most notably by psychedlic author Thom Lyttle (RIP) who arranged the signings with the psychedelic pioneers and others in the 1990's, early 200's.  None of Thom's signings came with any certificates or photos except the Peter Fonda - Easy Rider, and HR GIger - Illuminatus.

Rare blotter art bought for cash or trade, please email details / photos to admin@blotterart.com for top prices.