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BlotterArt.co.uk the largest selection of Blotter Art in the world!

BlotterArt.co.uk was established in January of 2000. It was started by an individual who had a small Blotter Art collection of around 10 pieces. While it was a small collection, it contained many special pieces. In it was a piece personalized in 1995 by Dr. Timothy Leary. The main focus of BlotterArt.co.uk was to provide an online venue to meet new collectors and to provide an outlet to buy, sell, and trade Blotter Art.

Since then, BlotterArt.co.uk has grown to offer the largest selection of Blotter Art in the world!  We are the original Blotter Art website and we have 50,000+ prints in stock that cover over 300 different designs. We offer Signed Blotter Art prints, as well as Vintage Blotter Art and Blotter Art Frames.

Our collection is continuously growing so visit the site often for the latest additions to our offerings.